So little in today’s world do we see true personal drive, true determination. Instead it has been replaced by the mediocrity of a lazy America.  People who are so often unmotivated to innovate, challenge themselves, and push the envelope of our ever changing world.  Richie Frost however, is that true determination.  He is the change that so few want to acknowledge, the shining bulb in the dark. An entrepreneur by leaps and bounds, He is a World Class Executive.

Richie’s bulb first lit up in 2007, when he attempted to start his first business: a graphic design T-shirt company called Simply Hectic that did not make it to fruition. However, a few years later after refusing to admit defeat, Richie started another company with a partner called Just Out Just In. Specializing in selling Electro-luminescent T-shirts, the company was successfully created but failed because of undercapitalization. He is currently working on a new e-commerce business which he hopes to launch in December 2009.

Currently Richie is attending the University of Central Florida in Orlando where he will get his bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a minor in Hospitality.  While at UCF He has made the Dean’s List for his grades thus far and continues to excel with an above average GPA of 3.3 for his major.   Trying to continuously improve himself Richie also served as Technology chair on the executive board for Hillel from 2007-2008 and from 2008-2009, as the Marketing chair. From 2008-2009 Richie also served as vice president of CEO Knights in which he helped to create a stronger identity for the group. He attended the CEO national conference with them in Chicago in 2008, in which the entire nation’s CEO collegiate groups unite, and is attending this year’s national conference as well.  He has also stepped out of his comfort zone by being active in a non school affiliated group, the Central Florida chapter of HSMAI.

Already taking control of his destiny, Richie is also writing a book for young entrepreneurs titled, The Jagged Edge, which tells the story of his life up to the present. It will detail what he has learned and divulge what he can teach others from my experiences.  More so, Richie is in the process of founding an Orlando wide organization called EXEC (Elite Xtreme Entrepreneur Collective). It will be aimed at young entrepreneurs and will provide a place for them to network, learn, and share resources.

Aiming to be a well rounded individual, Richie is a well traveled and cultured man having been to 33 states and 15 countries.  Currently, he works as a Barista at the UCF bookstore and has been making coffee for 4 years now.  Previously, he worked as a financial assistant for the Northwestern Mutual Company in the summer of 2008. Before that he took an internship for the Intercontinental Hotel Company for the 2006-2007 school year where he rotated and cross trained throughout the many departments of the hotel. Richie Frost is the epitome of a go-getter and an aspiring elite entrepreneur that is dedicated to taking on every opportunity possible to further his life.


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